Find a Roommate for the Conference

We have received a few emails from attendees about finding a roommate(s) to split the cost of accommodations while attending the Canadian Camera Conference 2017.

To help these folks find shared accommodations, we have created a discussion in our Facebook Group. (A Facebook account is needed to access this service)

Feel free to post your ad for shared accommodation in this thread.

We suggest that you post your initial request in the discussion, but use private messaging to select your roommate(s) and finalize the details.

For Roommate(s) seekers planning on staying at the Algonquin Residences

The Algonquin Residences is comprised of  two bedroom suites with a shared bathroom  and kitchenette in each suite.  Each separate bedroom has a door lock (for privacy and security) and is outfitted with a double bed, desk, end table with drawers and small open closet space. (For more information)


We provide this “Roommate Finder” as a service to our potential attendees. However, we cannot guarantee you will find a suitable roommate(s) or that you will get along with a roommate(s) you select. Rooming strangers can be a challenge, even when all try hard to get along. In order to avoid problems that could spoil your conference, take time to get to know your prospective roommate(s) before you commit to sharing a room. You take full responsibility for your choice of roommate(s).

We will not be held liable for any costs or complications arising from an unpleasant roommate(s) situation. Once your trip begins, separating into single rooms may not be possible, or will incur additional expenses for all parties involved.

This program may ONLY be used for CCC2017 travelers to contact each other for the purposes of finding a roommate(s) for the conference. This is not a dating service.

Find A Roommate for the Conference

Use our Facebook Group to find a roommate or shared accommodation for the conference

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