Friends of the

Conferences like the CCC2017  owe their success to friends and affiliates in the non-profit sector. As a non-profit ourselves, we know how tight the funding is and how important it is to manage that funding for the betterment of the organization. We also know that many non-profits would love to help out in anyway they can. To that end, has created our “Friends of  the CCC2017” program as a way of saying thanks to our fellow non-profit organizations for their advertising and marketing support.

Friends of the CCC2017 help us get the word out about our conference through links and blog articles on their organization’s website  and in return we recognize their efforts them by bringing attention to their organization’s website.

“Word of mouth” advertising has evolved into “word of web” advertising and we appreciate all the help we can get in that department! Without further adieu, we like to recognize the following organization who have helped get the word out about

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